Micro PA

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Micro PA

• 60 Capsules

• Activates Muscle Growth for Greater Training Gains*

• PA (Phosphatidic Acid)

• 50% greater increase in muscle mass*

• 40% greater increase in total strength*

• 60% greater loss in body fat**

*Hoffman et al 2012   **Wilson et al 2014


Amplified Results From Lifting Weights

Micro PA is not one of those supplements that promises more muscle and less fat without any effort. No, Micro-PA is a supplement for people who are already working hard in the gym.

It's a supplement for people who simply want better, faster results from the hard work they're already doing. They don't want "easy," but they do want their progress to be amplified and accelerated.

Micro PA has been proven in multiple, smartly designed scientific studies to do just that. And these studies weren't conducted on beginners. They were done on experienced lifters and athletes. Compared to test subjects receiving a placebo and doing the exact same workout program, PA usersexperienced:*

  • 50% greater increase in muscle mass(1)*
  • 40% greater increase in total strength(1)*
  • 60% greater loss in body fat(2)*

(1)Hoffman et al 2012
(2)Wilson et al 2014

The New Science of Hypertrophy

Micro PA contains a highly specialized form of unsaturated phosphatidic acid (PA), with enhanced bioavailability, that powerfully activates and amplifies muscle cell protein synthesis.*

Here's how it works. Your body makes an enzyme that regulates the growth of muscle. This kinase enzyme is called mTOR, and it's the "master regulator" of muscle cell protein synthesis and muscle size.*

When you're lifting weights, an enzyme is dislodged from muscle cells that hydrolyzes phosphatidylcholine into PA. This happens primarily in the eccentric or negative phase of weight training, like when you lower a barbell curl under control. PA then binds to and activates mTOR.* PA-activated mTOR directly affects immediate and long-term changes in muscle growth.*

Simply put, if you want to gain muscle, you have to activate mTOR.* And the more PA available to activate mTOR, the greater the effect on intracellular protein synthesis and the greater the muscle mass gains.*

If you take additional PA in the form of a supplement, you activate more mTOR.* Basically, you can do a workout and get "X" gains from that workout. Or you can take Micro-PA and get "XX" gains from the very same workout.*

You're still working hard, you're just getting a much greater payoff from your hard work: more muscle, more strength, more fat loss.*

Orally Bioavailable PA

PA is a phospholipid that contains two fatty acids and a phosphate group. Eggs naturally contain PA but the fatty acids are saturated. That means the PA gets incorporated into the cell membrane.*

To make supplemental PA work directly, it must enter into the muscle cell and bind to MTOR.* In can also work indirectly by converting to lyso-phosphatidic acid and attaching to the muscle cell membrane, which increases intracellular PA and in turn activates mTOR.*

To achieve this, the PA must be unsaturated.* Chemi Nutra, one of the industry's most innovative materials manufacturers, has been able to produce an unsaturated, orally bioavailable form of PA that activates mTOR — an 8-fold increase activation of mTOR! Bioavailability of PA significantly rises in 30 minutes after dosing and stays elevated for 7 hours.*

Chemi Nutra's phosphatidic acid, along with Biotest's self-microemulsifying nutrient deliver system, is what you'll find in Micro-PA.

PA Research

PA Study Chart
  1. A study, involving resistance trained men undergoing a very intense exercise program, showed subjects supplementing with 750 mg PA per day achieved 50% greater increase in muscle cross-sectional area and lean body mass, 40% greater increase in total strength (upper and lower body), and 60% greater loss in body fat than the training-only group (Wilson et al 2014).*
  2. Another study, involving resistance trained men undergoing an 8-week exercise program, showed subjects taking 750 mg of PA per day gained significantly more lean body mass and strength than the training-only group (Hoffman et al. 2013).*
  3. Yet another study recruited 18 lifters and split them into two groups. One half received a daily dose of a formulation that contained 750 mg of phosphatidic acid and the other half received a placebo. All followed the same training program three days a week for 8 weeks and followed the identical diet. Those taking the supplement with phosphatidic acid gained more muscle and power, lost more fat, and gained more than twice the strength as the placebo group (Escalante, et al 2016).*

How to Use Micro PA

For best results, take 750 mg of Micro PA an hour before training. Micro PA can also be used on non-training days as it activates brown adipose tissue (BAT), leading to greater fat loss.*

Micro-PA can be used by men and women. Phosphatidic acid is not on the banned substance list of any known athletic or bodybuilding organization and will not lead to failed drug tests.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.