The Hot-Rox® Transformation Plan

April 02, 2018

The Hot-Rox® Transformation Plan


A simple guide to help you lose fat quickly while using Hot-Rox®.

Summer time. That's when living is easy.

Riding a bike. Also easy, as long as you've done it before.

Getting excited about changing your body for the better. That's definitely easy.

But losing weight? That's not easy, despite what most of the diet plans on the bestseller list promise. However, there are ways to make losing fat easier, ways that don't require some radical change of lifestyle or the exclusion of entire groups of foods based on their color or something equally ludicrous.

Make no mistake about it, Biotest's HOT-ROX is a phenomenal fat-burning product that has most of the big pharmaceutical companies wailing and gnashing their teeth because they didn't think of it first, but it works best when combined with a logical, sane, effective lifestyle plan that's, dare we say, easy to implement. And that's just what we've created here.

Most of the techniques divulged here have been learned by observation, research, and experimentation. You won't find most of these suggestions in those aforementioned silly diet books. We guess it's because the likely title, "A Sane, Logical Fat Loss Plan" isn't that snappy and might not sell many copies.

That's too bad, because this plan works, and when used in conjunction with the most effective fat-loss supplement ever developed, it works great. What's more, this plan can be adopted for the rest of your life. It's not something you use to lose 20 pounds of fat in four miserable, gut-wrenching weeks, only to immediately gain back 30. It's something that works today, tomorrow, and always.

The plan consists of 10 basic tenets, or commandments, if you will. Obviously, the basic tenets won't address every situation and for those questions that might remain unanswered, we've provided a "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the end of this pamphlet.


The Big Hot Ten

  1.       Never go too long without food – not more than 3-4 waking hours. Starvation is not the way to lose fat. They have a term for people who practice complete food deprivation: fat people. Eating after too long a fast (even 5-6 hours) can cause a huge surge of insulin, leading to fat storage instead of fat loss.
  2.       Don't restrict calories too severely. If you're relying on guesswork (as opposed to the time-honored tradition of counting calories), try to aim for about 2/3rds of your normal, pre-diet caloric intake.
  3.       Try not to eat things that come out of a box, with the exception of foods like oatmeal. Practically anything that comes in a box contains highly processed grains, and the body absorbs highly processed grains extremely quickly, again leading to a surge of insulin.
  4.       Eat "healthy" fats. Despite what the lay media's been beating into your head for the last ten years, certain fats are really, really good for you. Examples include the fats found in fish, avocados, and nuts (with the exception of peanuts), along with specific oils like flaxseed oil and olive oil. Don't be afraid to eat these types of fats. They'll help your body in too many ways to mention here, in addition to making your body handle insulin much better.
  5.       Try to increase your protein intake and lower your carbohydrate intake. Although it might cause pasty-faced dietitians to blanche further, try for roughly one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. And as far as carbohydrates, try for the same thing – roughly one gram per pound of bodyweight.
  6.       Combine foods. Don't eat protein-only meals, or carbohydrate-only meals. Instead, have protein/carbohydrate meals or protein/fat meals. Again, combining protein with carbohydrate or protein with fats (healthy fats) helps control insulin levels. Whatever you do, don't eat carbohydrate/fat foods (like muffins, pastries, etc.).
  7.       Try to eat your protein/carbohydrate meals during the first half of the day if possible and your protein/fat meals during the second half of the day. It has to do with... you guessed it, managing insulin.
  8.       Decide your portions before eating. Set out what you want to eat, and stick with that decision. Don't sit yourself down in front of the horn of plenty, or at the buffet line at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. No one meal should constitute more than 30 to 35 percent of your daily total, at most.
  9.       Aerobic exercise complements fat loss very well, of course. However, we'd like you to practice high-energy aerobics. Spend 12 to 15 hard minutes on an exercise bicycle; run sprints at the local high school; or jump rope for several 60-second intervals. This tends to work far better than slow, hour-long aerobic sessions. Let's put it this way: if you can read the paper while you're doing it, you're not working hard enough.
  10.   Don't forget to incorporate weight lifting into your lifestyle, too. Building muscle through weight lifting creates more muscle and muscle is more metabolically active than other body tissues. This means that you'll burn more calories just sitting there than you would otherwise.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many calories should I eat each day?

A: Figure your minimum calories per day by multiplying your body weight by 12. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, multiplying your body weight by 12 gives you 2400 calories per day. Make certain you don't consume less. This caloric intake will give you the fastest fat loss without losing a measurable amount of lean mass, or muscle.


Q: If I were to break my food intake into percentages, what percentages should come from protein, carbohydrate, and fat?

A: We recommend getting roughly 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, roughly 1 gram of carbohydrate per pound of bodyweight, and a little less than half a gram of healthy fats per pound of bodyweight. This works out to getting roughly an equal percentage (33%) of calories from each macronutrient.


Q: I need to lose some fat quickly. Is there some way I can "jump start" the plan, at least in the beginning?

A: Absolutely. Drop grams of carbohydrates to approximately 1/2 a gram per pound of bodyweight and make up the difference with extra protein. This will definitely result in accelerated fat loss, but keep in mind that your athletic performance might be compromised by the fewer grams of carbohydrate.


Q: You recommend eating protein foods with carbohydrate foods. What if I'm eating meats that are fatty, like salmon?

A: If you're eating fatty protein foods like red meat, eggs, cheese, or fatty fish, avoid eating them with carbs (however, low-carb, leafy vegetables are quite acceptable). On the other had, if you're ingesting low-fat protein sources like skinless chicken breasts, low-fat fish, or protein shakes, these can and should be consumed with carbohydrates.


Q: Is there ever a time when I can combine protein, fat, and carbohydrates?

A: Only when the size of your meal is small can you feel comfortable eating all three macronutrients together. In other words, if the total volume of food you're ingesting is about the size of deck of cards, you're "safe."


Q: You mention insulin surges several times in your "Big Hot Ten" recommendations. Why is it important to control insulin?


A: The reason why insulin is so important is because it's so versatile. It's a hormone that must be manipulated, regardless of the person. Whether you have a hard time gaining muscle or dropping fat, insulin can be a very powerful friend or foe.

Insulin "resistance," a condition often caused by eating lots and lots of carbohydrates (the wrong kinds and at the wrong times) can cause a tremendous amount of fat storage. For someone trying to drop body fat, having muscle tissue that's very sensitive to insulin's effects can be very important. Otherwise, losing fat can be extremely difficult. Not only can insulin affect the "golden pair" – muscle gain and fat loss – but it can also affect other hormones as well. It can affect just about every hormone there is, including testosterone.


That's why the HOT-ROX Transformation Plan is designed to make insulin work for you, not against you.


Q: I'm female. Do these recommendations apply to me?

A: Yes. However, women may do better by multiplying their body weight by 11 instead of 12.


Q: I've already lost a considerable amount of fat on the HOT-ROX plan. Should I make any adjustments?

A: Those who've already lost considerable fat on the program should reduce their calorie and gram values to reflect their new, lower body weight.


Q: Should I consult a physician before starting the HOT-ROX plan?

A: Yes. It's always a good idea to consult a physician before starting any kind of fat-loss program.


Q: Can I use HOT-ROX while on the Atkin's diet?

A: Absolutely. HOT-ROX will greatly accelerate fat loss for those people using the Atkin's diet.


Q: Do I need to worry about any micronutrient deficiencies while I'm on the HOT ROX plan?


A: Unfortunately, restricted calorie diets tend to cause micronutrient deficiencies unless special care is taken.

Certain minerals and electrolytes are especially likely to be deficient. I strongly recommend you determine your intake of each of them, and compare to these values:


Potassium: 3.5 grams per hundred pounds of bodyweight. Morton's "Lite Salt" provides 0.7 g potassium per half-teaspoon together with 0.6 g sodium.

Calcium: 1000 mg or 100% RDA per hundred pounds bodyweight.

Magnesium: 500 mg or 125% RDA per hundred pounds bodyweight.

Phosphorus: 1000 mg or 100% RDA per hundred pounds bodyweight. Many protein powders, including Biotest's Grow! contain phosphorus in ample amounts, but some do not. Obtaining carbs from grain instead of sugars or refined starches also helps provide this nutrient.

Zinc: 15 mg or 100% RDA per 100 lb bodyweight. Double these figures if the source is zinc oxide. Various zinc supplements are available including Biotest ZMA, and it's often included in protein bars. Low zinc, incidentally, leads to low testosterone.

Correcting deficiency of these nutrients clearly improves performance and sense of well-being and can improve metabolism and retention of muscle mass as well. Check your intake of each of these micronutrients – it's well worth your time.


Q: What other supplements should I take while I'm using the HOT-ROX plan?

A: Some additional supplements, particularly DHA/EPA ("healthy fats"), Biotest Methoxy-7™, and Biotest Surge® can be of particular value when dieting. They're not necessary when using HOT-ROX but may yet further improve results.

We don't recommend stacking with ephedrine, synephrine, yohimbine, forskolin, 7-keto DHEA, or actually any other "fat-burner." It's unnecessary! HOT-ROX already covers all the bases. By adding other compounds, you could lessen the overall effect and even more importantly, stimulants combine unfavorably with HOT-ROX.


Q: Will I feel anything from taking HOT-ROX, such as that jittery feeling I get from ephedrine products?

A: No, HOT-ROX doesn't contain ephedrine or any stimulants other than caffeine that's simply used to potentiate the effects of one of the other ingredients. You might, however, feel warm after taking it.


Q: How long can I use HOT-ROX?

A: HOT-ROX is safe to use indefinitely. However, rapid fat loss is probably best limited to eight weeks at a time, or to cycles of two weeks of intensive dieting separated by one week at normal calories.


"Slow but steady" fat loss, by which I mean rates of up to about one pound per week, may on the other hand be continued as long as appropriate. This can be the best approach for many people.

Furthermore, most of "The Big 10" recommendations can be followed for your entire life to ensure that you'll always be fit, trim, muscular, and healthy!

Did we forget to answer any questions? If so, feel free email us or go to CLICK HERE for additional information.

In closing, let us reiterate that this lifestyle plan represents the work of some of the most gifted thinkers in the weight-loss world. How you choose to implement the plan is up to you. Simply adopting a few of the principles will take you a long way in reaching your physique goals. However, using all of them – in conjunction with a fabulous product like HOT-ROX – will take you beyond your physique goals, possibly to a place you never thought possible!