The Jammer Press: Be Unstoppable

March 19, 2023

The Jammer Press: Be Unstoppable

How To Do It Without a Dedicated Machine

The jammer press is a combat athlete’s staple, but it’s great for anyone seeking strength and explosive power. Here’s how to do it anywhere.

Four Ways to Do the Jammer Press

You’ve seen the jammer press machine if you grew up playing football or lifting in a football weight room. It’s great for developing explosive forward power and strong legs, shoulders, arms, and abs.

Sadly, not too many gyms have a jammer press machine, so here are four ways to do it anywhere.

1. Landmine Jammer Press

Set up two barbells against a wall or in landmine devices. If you have bumper plates, opt for those. They’ll put the bars at an optimal height for setting up under the weights.

Grab two waist-high boxes or jerk blocks. Set them up a little wider than shoulder-width. Squat or lunge to get under the bars and set your feet at hip-width.

Brace your core, hinge back to a broad jump position, and explode forward, pressing the weights forward and up. Do this with maximum force. One foot may need to move forward to a quarter lunge position to help with deceleration and balance.

2. Single-Arm Landmine Jammer Press

Bring the barbell to one shoulder and explosively punch the weight forward. Do this with either the foot moving opposite of the pressing arm or on the same side. It’ll test your balance and stability more on the same side.

3. Cable Jammer Press

Set up with the same foot and body position as the landmine jammer. Explode forward, punching the handles forward and up with as much speed and power as possible.

4. Band Jammer Press

The feedback from keeping tension on the bands puts a little more demand on your balance. You’ll need to move explosively to get to the end position of the movement.

Set two bands up on a power rack, step forward to put tension on the bands, and perform the movement with power.